4 reasons to feel grateful

4 reasons to feel grateful.

Tonight I watched a TV show called, “Great British Budget Menu”, where three of Britain’s leading chefs met families living in food poverty.

You can see a clip of it HERE


4 reasons to feel grateful


The people involved, in the programme, looked like really decent people, who through no fault of their own find themselves in truly awful situations.

They were trying to buy food for themselves and their families for as little as £1 a day.

I eat well and I never ever think that anyone in the UK could be suffering from food poverty but apparently 5 million people are.

When I see situations like this, I’m left with mixed emotions.

On the one hand I’m thinking, “We’re supposed to be a developed country and people are living on the bread line, it’s shocking”.

On the other hand I’m thinking, “I’m so fortunate to have what I have”.

On the link above there’s also budget menu recipes but more importantly HERE is a website that encourages people to give to existing, or set up food banks in their area to help people out of food poverty.


Here’s 4 reasons to feel grateful:

1. There are people who, through a cruel twist in fate, are suffering and they live on our door steps. We should be glad we’re not in their shoes.

2. We didn’t choose our country of birth, our parents or our environment, it’s luck. This fortune has given us a great advantage in life.

3. In tests expressing gratitude has been show to improve ones base line of happiness.

4. Being grateful is accepting that what we have, is plentiful. This naturally makes us more likely to help others with very little. In studies helping others has also been suggested as a major key to happiness.


4 reasons to feel grateful







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