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Sue, a happymap member, has just completed our 21-Day Happiness Challenge and I asked her to write about her experience.

Testimonials – Sue from Romford.


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The last few years have produced a few personal challenges for me.

I kept on keeping on, getting out of bed, putting one foot in front of the other, just about keeping my head above the water until last Autumn I finally crashed and burned.

The tipping point was my eldest child leaving to go to University (albeit only 50 miles away). All of it affected all aspects of my life. Socially, mentally, physically, my work – although I was too proud to tell anyone there or to ask for time off.

Then things changed. I can pinpoint the day – Valentine’s Day this year – I reached a turning point.

Suddenly I could walk down the street with my chin literally up and not looking at the ground.

Now, I’ve been following Justin since his days at Capital FM when he made me laugh aloud in the mornings, then his Blog and now

This was my chance to be positive, to be the old Susie again.

So here’s the thing. Being positive brings positivity around you and the happymap has helped me focus on that.

I found myself at the end of the day thinking all about the good things that happened, not obsessing about the ONE BAD THING. People see me differently, they think I’ve changed my hair for example (I haven’t).

The lovely people who also post there make me smile and the encouragement and support that they give is invaluable.

Today I am happy because I have been asked to be an Ambassador for happymap and I accept that title with pride.


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