How you can create a Happy Habit in 3 steps…

Here’s how you can create a Happy Habit in 3 steps 

1. Remember something that made you happy, then “Hit The Happy Button”.



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2. Type what made you happy, then hit the, “Post” button.


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You’ll be directed to your Happy Habits page.




Everyday you, “Hit the Happy Button” you will see a smiley blue face.


3. Repeat the above process everyday for 21 days.

If you manage 21 smiley faces in a row, you’ll be offered the chance to become a happymap ambassador.


Will it make me happier?

The data we’ve collected suggests so but don’t take our word for it read Sue’s story by clicking here.


Why create a happy Habit?

Here’s some of the benefit you’ll reap from regularly choosing to remember your happiest thoughts:

– You’ll learn to focus more on the positives in your life.

– You’ll worry less.

– You’ll feel more optimistic.

The idea of HappyMap is to spend a minute of your day, to appreciate one thing that made you happy.

It’s this act of consciously recalling the happy moments, make them become your strongest memories.

The trick to regularly recalling these moments, is to get into a habit.

By making this one small change to a keystone habit, you can change your life, completely.


Why 21 days?

Empirical evidence shows that it’s possible to make or break a habit in 21 days.

There was a study conducted by UCL that puts the figure at 66 days.

Obviously no study will be definitive.

After all, there’s as many different types of habit as there are personality and you have to complete 21 days in order to get to 66 days.

However in Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit it’s pointed out that belief is a major factor in any habit being successfully adopted.

I personally believe you can learn to think more positively in 21 days.

How do I know this?

Because I have done it.

So I believe you can BUT the question is.. do YOU believe you can?


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Can you get 21 smileys in your diary?

To take our 21 day happiness challenge, you need to register with HappyMap.

You can do it by clicking HERE.

You can read how I changed my life by changing ONE keystone habit HERE