Two reasons why difficult times are good for us…

It’s been six weeks since our second son, Monty, was born and I don’t mind saying, we’re struggling.


The thing is, Monty is a monster, as far as eating concerned.

In the month and half he’s been in existence, his weight has gone from 7 pounds to 13 pounds.

That’s an 86% increase in body weight!

I’m 12 stone (168 pounds) so that’s the equivalent of me putting on 10 stone in less than two months (140 pounds).


I’d not only have to change my entire wardrobe, I’d probably have to wear it.

In order to achieve that amount of weight gain, I’d have to consume around 500,000 calories, over the 6 weeks, which averages out to around 12,000 calories a day, above my daily allowance.

This means I’d have to eat 14 meals a day and to do this I’d really have to put in some serious eating hours and to be fair to Monty he does.

If he goes more than an hour without eating he’ll scream the house down in the belief that he’s about to starve.

It wouldn’t be so bad if he could roll his chunky little frame out of his cot, pound downstairs and fill his own face from the fridge but he insists we (I say “we” loosely, as it’s mainly Meagan) do it.

This obsession with his weight gain is relentless, day and night it knows no bounds.

I normally fill his face last thing at night then hand over to Meagan who does the same, every other hour, throughout the night.

Due to this, round the clock feeding frenzy, Meagan and I are averaging around 5 hours sleep a day and it’s taking it toll.

Before I had children I often heard couples talk to each other about how their respective babies were sleeping and thought, “Big deal”. Now I know how big a deal it is.

There’s are not many bigger deals for impacting on your quality of life than sleep deprivation.



A while back I made a commitment to write a new blog post everyday for a year.

There’ve been times, mainly late at night, when with stinging, blood shot eyes and a pounding head, I’ve stared at a blank computer screen, with only one thought on my mind, “Sleeeeeeep”.

This happened the other night.

It was 11.10pm, I’d just handed Monty over to Meagan, my alarm clock was set for 4:20am and I’d not written a word.

I shut my computer down and headed off to bed.

On my way up the stairs I checked my emails on the phone.

I’d received an email from Peter.

I don’t know Peter but this is what he’s written:


At the risk of blowing smoke up your *rse, I just had to say how amazing I think your blog is.

We clearly live in difficult times, and life can sometimes feel like it’s got it in for you. It is therefore so welcome to see something positive and uplifting, something that gives you a rather better perspective on whether things are quite as bad as you might think.

Your blog does all that and more. Thank you.

I really look forward to reading it and have recommended it to others.

Keep well



Motivated by Peter I turned around, walked back down stairs, fired up my computer and started to write a new blog post.

Inspired by Monty, before I started writing the post, I visited the fridge for a quick snack / meal.


There’s two reasons why difficult times are good for us:

1. They make us stronger when we finally come out the other side.

2. There is another side and you can’t truly appreciate the highs if you haven’t experienced the lows.




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