Gratituesday… pt 2

Every week I write a list of 3 things I’m grateful for as there’s enough happy things in my life I just need to take more time to appreciate them.


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I’m Grateful:

1. For my 20/20 vision.

In work I have an amazing colleague who is partially sighted and despite this, has no problem doing his job very well.

As I left work today I saw him working at his computer. Due to his restricted sight he has to maximize the font on any document and get very close to the monitor to read any text.

On the bike ride home, the sun was shining and as a result my surroundings, especially the trees, grass and flowers exuded a wonderful array of vibrant colours. I see amazing sights like this every day but I often take them for granted.

There is nothing more awesome than the ability of our eyesight.


2. Fred my son making me laugh on a daily basis.

Yesterday I arrived home from work and he said, “Daddy sit down with me”, almost in the style in a headmaster.

So as I sat next to him, he held his right hand towards me in a gesture similar to that of someone who wants to shake hands and in a stern, authoritative voice said, “Have you been to work?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Have you done your running?”


“Have you done your biking?”


“Have you been in there”, he said point to a little butterfly net.

At which point I burst out laughing.


3. For the way my son Monty stares at me with his wide, blue, innocent wondering eyes as I’m about to feed him some milk.



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