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In this weeks show I have a laughing fit (8 & 12 minutes in) when Keion reveals a little more of his curious world to me.

Apart from that face swaps, a polite grizzly bear and educational food art are some of the things that made us happy.




Or here…


New and Noteworthy


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Appy Talk

Every week we review an app that apparently improves well-being in some way or other and give it marks out of ten.

Last Week

We’ve been trying out Calm.com



Calm attempts to bring some relaxation into your life with meditation by using relaxing sounds and calming backgrounds.

Our average marks out of ten for this were: 7

(I discounted Keion’s low mark of 2 as he only, “glanced” at it – so this unfairly brought the scores down).


This Week

Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.03.28


This week we’re going to try Happify.com you can download the app on iphone or just visit the website if you’re on Android.

Happify builds skills for lasting happiness: it turns the latest innovations in the science of happiness into activities and games that help you lead a more fulfilling life.


Happiness is not the Answer


Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.06.07

This week’s article featured in our quiz, “happiness is not the answer” was:

This week’s article is: 7 Ways to Have a Great Day–Every Day by Geoffrey James (@SALES_SOURCE) via inc.com


Stuff that makes life easier – resources



Angharad went with 99U.com


Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.16.18

“I decluttered a lot of my stuff this week and have been able to think a lot clearer and am much more organised without trying”

Thanks to this article, “100 tips to improve your life.


Likes, loves and laughs (videos, websites, articles, photo’s)

This week Pete liked…

“Lewis Hamilton wins the Wrong Trousers at last week’s Chinese Grand Prix” on Viz’s Facebook Comic Wall.

Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.31.43

James liked…Lee Samantha

“An online food star who makes whimsical, colorful and imaginative meals she whips up for her 2 young daughters and photographs for her 260,000 plus followers on Instagram”.


Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.46.53

Helen loved…

12 Of The Best Faceswaps from The Poke


Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.21.03

And Angharad laughed at…



Quote of the week was from Helen and it’s:


Screenshot 2014-04-29 22.29.09

What makes you happy?

If there’s anything that makes you happy, we’d love to feature it during our Happy Hour.

You can email me at: justin@happymap.com or just post it to happymap.com



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