What is happymap?


HappyMap is about appreciating ONE that makes you happy, everyday.



Because we believe the happy times are worth remembering (even though sometimes it’s the little daily hassles that seem to get all the attention).


How do you do this?

By posting something positive to HappyMap everyday. It could be anything that made you laugh, smile or generally happy.


Will it make me happier?

Yes – according to the data we’ve collected so far.


Yes survey monkey

The above graph is survey completed by people who have completed our 21-day happiness challenge.

To try it yourself, click here to register.

Is it really possible become happier in 21 days?

We believe so but don’t take our word for it here’s a few testimonials:

Julie from Woodford Green:

“I feel great now I have completed it and feel happier because of it.  I would say that it helps your mood and positivity.

The people on HappyMap are amongst the friendliest that I have come across on any social network and are funny, kind, caring, positive and supportive friends…Happymap really does help keep you in a ‘Happy’ frame of mind…Thoroughly recommend to anyone”

Sue from Romford:

“The last few years have produced a few personal challenges for me.

I kept on keeping on, getting out of bed, putting one foot in front of the other, just about keeping my head above the water until last Autumn I finally crashed and burned.

Then things changed. 

So here’s the thing. Being positive brings positivity around you and the happymap has helped me focus on that.

I found myself at the end of the day thinking all about the good things that happened, not obsessing about the ONE BAD THING. People see me differently, they think I’ve changed my hair for example (I haven’t).

The lovely people who also post there make me smile and the encouragement and support that they give is invaluable.

Today I am happy because I have been asked to be an Ambassador for happymap and I accept that title with pride”.


What is happymap?



So far only 25% of the people who have attempted our 21 day happiness challenge, have completed it.


100% of these people have expressed the challenge has made them happier.

How does it make me happier?

There’s 5 points to this:


1. Gratitude


How happymap works reason 001

It’s well documented that gratitude plays a big role in enhancing someone’s overall happiness.

Therefore appreciating and being grateful for the good things in your life, makes you happier.


2. Recall


How happymap works reason 002

Did you know the memories you choose to recall become your strongest memories.

Therefore if you consciously choose to recall happy memories, then they will be your strongest.


3. Savouring


How happymap works reason 003

Research shows that taking time out to savour the moments that make you happy, makes you happier.


4. Sharing


How happymap works reason 004

Studies have found that sharing positive news is more contagious than sharing negative ones.

So happiness doesn’t dilute when you share it, in fact it has the opposite effect.

happymap is a completely open forum where everyone shares only the things in life that make them happy.


5. Positive Thinking


How happymap works reason 005

Research has shown that it’s possible to train your brain to think more positively, you just have to get into a habit of doing it.


What is happymap about?


What do I have to do for your 21-day happiness challenge?

All you have to do is post something that made you happy, everyday, for 21 days, therefore forming a happy habit.

To register with happymap click HERE

Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose and only happiness to gain!