1 proven way to turn your holiday blues into success…

Hayley, a colleague of mine, has just spent 5 days in New York with her husband Tom.


It’s the first time they’ve been and they absolutely loved it. So much so that they became a little bit unhappy.

This sadness happened, as they got on the on the plane, on the way home. The conversation went a bit like this:

Tom – I’d love to come back again soon.

Hayley – Awww me too.

Tom – Pity we can’t afford it. How are we going to become rich? The only way I’m going to get rich is to win the lottery.


Tom is a school teacher who loves his job. I’ve seen him with children including my son and he possesses a natural ability with them.

At this point in the conversation Hayley suggested Tom should maybe look towards becoming a head teacher.

Then they both concluded that this would be such a major change in his role that he would probably not enjoy the job as much.

The next day Hayley came into work trying to think up business ideas that would allow them to visit New York again.


This is a form of goal setting.

You have the goal, all you need is the means to get there, which in itself can be an enjoyable challenge.

There’s is no better way to motivate yourself than setting goal and the good news is, it works.

In a study people who wrote their goals down were 33% more likely to achieve them than those whose just thought about them.


So if you’ve been on an amazing holiday only to feel a bit down when coming home, don’t fret there’s 1 proven way to turn your holiday blues into success… write your goal down.

(to make your goal even more achievable you can make sure it adhere’s to the S.M.A.R.T. formula but your first point of action is to write it down).

I guarantee I’ll be seeing more great pictures from Hayley and Tom very soon as they’re both very able people.

I’m sure they’ll have no problems turning their dreams into reality.

Plus, you are way more likely to achieve financial success by doing something you love, rather than winning the lottery – if you need proof, read this previous post.





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