How big is your ROL?

How big is your ROL?

I like to watch the stock market. It’s a hobby of mine.


How big is your ROL?


In fact it’s more than a hobby as I’m invested in several different companies.

I used to be obsessed with it. I’d spend several hours a day analysing different companies plugging all their financial details into a huge, formula laden, spreadsheet I’d diligently created.

After I’d filled out 15 columns of data, for each company, my spreadsheet would give me a score, out of a maximum of 35 upon which I’d base my decision to invest.

People often regard obsessions as unhealthy but in respects to learning this focused unswerving attention to detail is hard to beat.


How big is your ROL?


There’s a lot of financial jargon out there but one of the more well known abbreviations is ROI. It stands for return on investment and is basically a measure of how efficient, in money, an investment is.

This week I came across a different take on this concept called ROL, standing for return on life.

I read an article really worth reading by John Greathouse, who interviewed Tige Young, Founder and CEO of Tui Tai Expeditions.

Tige decided to give up his well paid job in silicon valley and start his expedition company motivated by what he calls ROL.


How big is your ROL?


He says, “You have one life, one chance to do things. And as you get older and look back, what are the things you’re gonna remember that were like, ‘Boy, that was a great decision, I’m really glad I did that.”

It’s a great way to look at life and when you think of it, probably the only way to look at life because, hopefully, we will all get to a ripe old age and wouldn’t it be nice to look back and know we had a massive ROL.

A great quote Tige recalled a local said to him once was, “May your memories live up to your dreams”.


How big is your ROL?




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