How rude!

The other day I visited a tenant who rents a house we own (by “we” I mean our family).

This person is a new tenant and I’d not met her before.

It was raining quite heavily, so I ran up the garden path, with my head down but as I approached, I noticed the front door slightly open.


How rude!


I knocked it and heard no sign, coming from the inside, of anyone coming to answer the door. So I nudged the exterior door slightly and knocked the inside door, to the living room.

Again no answer.

I looked at my phone, it was 13:05pm, five minutes after our arranged time to meet.

“Hello?” I near enough shouted, as I knocked the inner door again.

No answer.

I got my phone out and called the tenant, they picked up straight away, “Tracey?”


“It’s Justin”


“Hi, I’m outside”

“Oh ok, I’ll come out”


So I stood there.

One minute passed with no sign of the door opening. Fair enough maybe she’s doing a last minute tidy up.

Two minutes passed. If she was tidying up then its about time she realised its not going to get a lot better before I see the place.

Three minutes, then four, then five!

What was this woman doing? How rude!

She is getting on my nerves. She’s renting our house, this is our first meeting and she’s letting me wait outside with no consideration that I’m getting soaked in the rain.

Right that’s it I’ll call her again and sound seriously peeved.



“I’m still outside!”


“Hello?” Was this person mad?


“Hello, it’s Justin! I’m outside!”

“Hellllllooooooooooooooo over here”

I stepped away from the house, looked two doors down only to see a lady stand outside her front door with a phone in her hand waving at me saying, “Helllllllooooooooooo”

I was standing outside the wrong house.


How rude!


At the time I was getting quite heated but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that it’s that Mark Twain was right (if indeed it was Mark Twain, it’s also been attributed to Carol Burnett and Woody Allen).

Tragedy can easily be substituted with stress, irritation or anger and most situations that start out with me experiencing these feelings can invariably be recalled with a smile my face.

The sooner I realise this the happier I’ll be.


How rude!


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