How To Be Unhappy

How To Be Unhappy


How To Be Unhappy


The real goal in life is not to be happy, as everyone wants this.

It’s to find out what makes us happy and do more of it.


How To Be Unhappy


How do we do this?

Sometimes we do things we think make us happy but they turn out to be little obsessions, that we overindulge which in turn, robs us of genuine contentment.

Finding something that truly makes us happy can be elusive.

So maybe we should start by looking at the opposite.

What would make us unhappy?

These are the things I think would make me unhappy:

Taking my family and friends away.

Taking my health away.

Taking my job away.

Taking my house away.

Taking my freedom away.

Taking my access to clean drinking water away.


How To Be Unhappy


BUT hang on, I have these things right now, which must surely mean I’m happy.

Therefore happiness is not about getting more but about appreciating what I have at the moment.


How To Be Unhappy

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