How to make the right decisions at work…

How to make the right decisions at work…

At work we’ve just had our regular milk delivery cancelled.


How to make the right decisions at work...


It’s been cancelled because it’s too expensive to get it delivered and invariably lots of milk ends up being poured down the sink because it doesn’t get drunk.

So now, somebody pops to the shop to buy what is needed.

Due to this system, sometimes, first thing in the morning there may not be any milk, until someones been to the shops.

There’s been a few people moaning in the office saying, “Aww what a bunch of cheapskates! Why don’t they just cancel the tea and coffee too!”


How to make the right decisions at work...


What this person fails to understand is that the free tea, coffee and milk we get are perks. We’re not entitled to them. So we should feel grateful.

I asked this person, “If this was your business and you saw this waste happening everyday, what would you do?”

They replied, “I’d probably cut down on the amount of milk ordered but I wouldn’t stop the order”

I then replied, “Even if you knew there was a more cost effective way of doing it?”

They thought for a second then said, “Yes in fact I probably would get someone to pop to the shop actually”.


How to make the right decisions at work...

I don’t run my own business but for as long as my memory stretches back, my father has run his own business.

Therefore I’ve always been aware that every resource he’s used, for his company, has been paid for out of his own pocket. So I’m very aware of waste.

During my career whenever I’ve found myself in a quandary as to what to do, when working for someone else, I’ve always asked myself this:

“What would I do if I ran this business?”

Whatever the decision I came to, it may not have been the best possible option at the time but it was always in the best possible interests of the company.

Nobody can ask more of you than that.

That’s why I’ve popped this suggestion in our company suggestion box.

“In order to achieve the maximum amount of efficiencies in respects of milk delivery, I propose we acquire a company cow.


How to make the right decisions at work...


Ok there will be the large initial outlay but over the long term I believe the cow will more than pay for itself and not just in the financial sense.

I believe with its arrival will evolve a new company camaraderie borne of shared ownership, cow care and maintenance.

It’s also been proven that stroking animals can lower stress levels and therefore contribute towards a relaxed, more productive working environment.

Couple this with the fact that no more man hours will be spent going to the shop but milking the cow instead, which in turn will not only lead to a new found respect and appreciation for milk as a resource but less waste, then I think you find I have a very good point”.


How to make the right decisions at work...


Maybe this explains why I don’t run my own business.




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