I need your help please

I need your help please.

Thank you for taking time out to read this, it really means a lot to me.

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As our 21-day happiness challenge has been running for a few months, we have some good news and some bad news.

The good (or excellent) news is this:

EVERYONE, who has completed the challenge has expressed that it’s made them feel more positive or happier!!!


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Apart from the data we’ve also had some lovely testimonials including this one from Sue.

The bad news is this:

As it’s a challenge, on average, only 1 in 4 people manage to complete it.


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Whilst we know this is not a bad thing, in itself, we would like more people to attempt it, which would mean more people complete it.

This equals more data, which means it becomes more accurate and more reliable.

If you’d like to know why answering the question, “What made you happy today?” is so important to your well-being click here to read the science behind it.

We’re excited about the data we have so far, we really think we’re onto something special and that’s why we want to scale it up BIG TIME!

Here’s how you can help.

You’d be an absolute star if you could do one or all of the following:

1. Take our 21-happiness day challenge.

2. Tell a friend about our 21-day happiness challenge.

In fact you could click here to tweet about it

3. Do both of the above.



Ps – if you want another reason why our 21-day happiness challenge would benefit you please read this post, “The Secret of Success



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