I’m losing

For the last 2 months I’ve been embroiled in an involuntary sleep deprivation competition with Meagan… and I’m losing.


I'm losing


I don’t know how we got to this stage but I’m pretty sure of the root cause, our three-month-old son, Monty.


I'm losing


Before I had children I used to hear parents talk about lack of sleep and think, “It can’t be too difficult if the biggest hardship is lack of sleep”.

I had no idea.

I should have realised how painful no sleep could be because I have been vaguely aware, for a long time, that the Nazis used sleep deprivation as, an effective instrument of, torture.

Surely this says it all because lets face it, when you think of the Nazi’s, you don’t think compassion.


I'm losing


The thing is, either we forgot how hard it was with Fred (our first son) or Monty is a lot more hard work.

It’s a completely reasonable assumption that we have forgotten given the pain and discomfort associated with birth.

What other reason could there be for any woman to voluntarily endure this experience a second time?

It’s almost like an evolutionary senility kicks in.

If we remembered how hard it was, the human race would die out and if we know one thing, its that, the primary raison d’être of any species, is to procreate and therefore increase its chances of survival.


I'm losing


Anyway back to the sleep competition.

It’s essentially a game of guilt and compassion.

We both want each other to get some sleep but once one of us achieves this, we feel guilty. We’re afraid to admit to it because we know the other is on the edge of exhaustion.

So confirming we’re rested, is not only an admission that we failing to pull our weight with Monty but it’s almost like rubbing the others, weary, face in our newly acquired vigour.


I'm losing


There aren’t any real winners in the game, as the leader is the person who feels the worse, due to lack of sleep.

No hang on, there is a winner, Monty but either he’s very humble in his victory or he’s too young to realise he’s winning.

 I'm losing


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