Is the devil baby video funny?

Is the devil baby video funny?




If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it below but before you do please read the next few sentences.

Something occurred to me whilst I watched it, “Is scaring and laughing at someones caring nature appropriate?”

Yes we get a quick laugh at the expense of the person trying to do their best but should we think about the effect before we carry out these type of “prank” videos?

When someone is in public and they hear a baby crying, it takes effort to help.

In effect they’re leaving their comfort zone to attend to the strange baby in an unusual circumstance.

It’s a lot easier to do nothing and walk on.

So how are these people rewarded, when they make the effort to assist a baby in distress?

They’re frightened and mocked. Isn’t this a form of bullying?

What message are we trying to give out here?

If you help, we’ll make you feel bad?

Conversely if you turn a blind eye and choose not to help, nothing bad will happen to you.

If we want to create a friendlier more caring society, surely we have this the wrong way round. Shouldn’t we reward people who choose to help others?




You might argue that the effect won’t be too great as only a few people were, “pranked’ but how many people saw the video?

The next time you see an unattended baby crying will you help out?

As it takes more effort to help out it will only take a split second of doubt to pretend you didn’t hear the baby and walk away.

In an international study the majority of people questioned feared being laughed at in public.

What’s worse, is that quite a lot of these people said they’d became anxious and fearful of being exposed to a situation where they’d be laughed at again.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a laugh but why should it be at the expense of someone who is trying to do some good?

Below is the devil baby video.

Below that video is one where nobody was made a fool of or laughed at.

I guarantee it will make you feel good and more trusting, rather than less trusting, about other humans.




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