Is your attitude as positive as Martin’s?

Is your attitude as positive as Martin’s?

Life is of what happens to you... copy

I received an email the other day, that really lifted my spirits.

I admit, initially on reading it, my ego got a boost as the sender, Martin, was thanking me for writing such positive thinking, motivational posts.

As I re-read the email it struck me that there’s no better example of positive thinking than Martin’s story.

It’s easy to pretend to be a positive thinker when everything is going well but the true test of anyones strength and resolve is their attitude in the face of real adversity.

Martin has gone through some rough times but I guarantee these times will not only get better but become better than he’s ever experienced.

How do I know?

Because he has the attitude of a winner.


Muhammed Ali

Sometimes, in life, when we come face to face with an unexpected challenge, at the time, it can seem like an insurmountable mountain which will kill us before we conquer it but in hindsight it becomes no more than a speed bump that temporarily damaged our suspension.

Winners, learn from these experiences and are therefore more prepared for future bumps in the road.

Successful people are not successful despite challenges along the way but because of them.

This is Martin’s email:

Hi Justin,

I just wanted to thank you for the posts on your blog.

I’m a 42 year old guy who last year had to sell his house to finance the closure of one of his businesses. I’m now living (with my fiancée & 8 year old son) back at my parents house.

Quite a comedown from our own 5 bedder.

We owned a children’s nursery & not only did we lose the business, my fiancée lost her job as manager. Because I have another business we chose not to go into bankruptcy – but boy, it sometimes would have been much easier. To pay off all the employees, HMRC & all other people, it cost us upwards of 50k (this is after the 200 we sank in over the last 3 years).

The nursery was brilliant, got the highest marks in all inspections – yet the lack of government funding for our pre-school department meant it grew increasingly less viable as a business.

I spent some time feeling very down after we chose to close in October last year, but reading your posts have really helped me in a positive way after reading them via LinkedIn. I’m not usually prone to writing these kind of emails – but I felt urged to let you know that you have have a definite effect on my outlook and approach to the future.

Luckily my other company has been trading for 11 years & is still here after the horrible recession years – even when we suffer knock-backs I tend to look at your latest post & it usually spurs me on again.

I don’t subscribe to usual self-help mumbo jumbo, but your straight talking style is to be applauded & I just wanted you to know that thanks to you I am most definitely more happy than I would have been after the last 12 months!

We’ve got out heads up & hopefully within the next 18 months we will have enough money to get a new house, and we will have come out of the situation wiser, stronger & happier!!

Thanks a million & keep up the good work.

Kind regards,


winners never quit


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