My mistake…I could’ve broken his neck!!!

The other night I was putting Fred to bed and as usual, I took Monty with me.


Whilst I’m reading a story to Fred, on his bed, I normally lay a few toys on the bedroom floor for Monty to play with.

I say, “play”, what he actually does is put them in his mouth, drop them, accidentally hit them away from him and then roll around, from his back to belly, in order to grab them again.

Then he repeats the above process.

Anyway the other night, for some reason I put Monty on the bed and tried to read Fred a story. After the story I went to kiss Fred and he pushed me away.

So I attempted to kiss him again and before I got there, heard an almighty, “Thuuddddd”.

I quickly turned and saw that Monty was now on the floor, motionless and silent.


The bed was about 2 foot tall, which is a big fall for a 6 month old baby not even 2 foot in height.

For the longest second ever, the world became as silent and motionless as Monty on the floor.

My heart, shocked by the moment forgot to beat.

As I looked at him lying there, I felt myself being zoomed out, so far, from the situation that my arms weren’t long enough to reach him.

I was hovering in vacuous void way above him.

Then the silence was ripped apart by a huge, “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” exploding from Monty’s lungs.

The world started turning again.

I came back to earth, scooped him up and consoled him.

“What happened?”

I turned to see Meagan, with a shocked curiosity on her face, standing there.

She’d run upstairs, on hearing the bump.

“He.. he fell off the bed!”

She took a step towards me, grabbed Monty out of my arms and gave him a protective cuddle, whilst quickly examining him.

“You could’ve broken his neck!!!”

My heart, as if to make up for the recent rest, was now beating at twice the pace.

After settling down and thinking about the situation, I realised one thing.

I’d made a mistake.

This is not a bad thing.

Learning from mistakes makes us better humans, it’s what forms the curve in the learning curve. (click to tweet).

Therefore a mistake is the best chance we have to learn. If we learn from them they transform from a mistake into a lesson.

They only remain a mistake if we fail to learn from them.



What did I learn?

3 things:

1. I shouldn’t never have put Monty on a high bed unsupervised. I won’t do it again.

2. To make mistakes (and therefore learn) you have to take some kind of action. If you don’t do anything you can’t make a mistake and there learn and get better.

3. Never mess with a mother’s pride and joy or you could make a mistake you’ll never have the ability to learn from.



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