Why you should never buy an exercise machine…

Why you should never buy an exercise machine…

…..if you don’t exercise regularly and want to lose weight.


Why you should never buy an exercise machine...


Since the age of 25, I’ve been overweight and yet I’ve been a member of many a gym that I, mistakenly, thought would help me lose weight.


Why you should never buy an exercise machine...


I’ve also bought treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines, elliptical trainers, vibration plates, steppers, magical shaky things and guess what?

The only pounds I’ve lost, is from my bank account.

After a few weeks the equipment I’ve purchased is either sitting abandoned in the garage gathering dust or became a clothes horse in the spare room.


Why you should never buy an exercise machine...


Then two years ago I managed to lose the weight I’ve been carrying for over 10 years and I didn’t do it with an exercise machine or by joining a gym.

What I did use, is something you have that costs you absolutely nothing.


Why you should never buy an exercise machine...


So if you’ve recently bought an exercise machine, this is for you.

I don’t mean to be offensive but I’m going to point out a few things you probably already know but don’t want to accept (I only know this because I was the same).

If you don’t do regular exercise and you think buying a bit of fitness equipment is going to motivate you, you’re kidding yourself and you certainly won’t lose any weight.

In fact you’ll probably put on weight.


Because the bit of equipment is another obstacle in the way of you dealing with the real issue.

The real issue is, you’re not exercising because you’re too lazy or lack motivation. You believe the new shiny bit of equipment will work some magic by doing it all for you. 

It won’t.

The only thing that will get you fit and healthy is you.

If you’ve just bought this machine or are about to buy it, I know you don’t want to read or hear this but you’re never going to get fit unless you accept it’s going to be hard work.

The exercise bike you’re thinking of buying is an excuse, getting in the way of what you really need to do.

You’re attempting to buy motivation. Motivation comes from the inside you, not from inside a box delivered by a man in a van.

“If only I got myself an exercise bike I could cycle for half hour every evening whilst watching TV”.

Easy ay?



Why you should never buy an exercise machine...


Exercise is not easy and watching TV will not make you forget that.

What’s missing is not the exercise bike but the right attitude.

Exercise can be hard work but its more than worth it. This is what exercise will give you:

A healthier body and mind.

There’s no greater reward than this.

If you want to improve your life, exercise.

If you think you’re too busy to exercise, your priorities are all wrong. You therefore need to realign them so that exercise higher up on the list of your daily priorities.

If you need more the science behind exercise check out Leo’s post, “What happens to our brains when we exercise and how it makes us happier“.

If you don’t do any exercise and want to get fit here’s 3 easy steps to start and you don’t need any gym membership or exercise machine:

1. Today, go for for leisurely 30 minute walk and take note of your route.

2. Tomorrow, walk the same route but try to do it in less time.

3. Repeat the steps above.

You have the right attitude when you regard the pain to attain your desire as a milestone on the way towards your goal rather a stumbling block in the way of it.


Why you should never buy an exercise machine...


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