One word that helps me think more positively…


I read an excellent article by Geoffrey James called, “How To Make People Happier At Work – A Question You Should Ask Every Day”.

I’d encourage you to read the article.

It’s premise revolves around a, “simple question which makes people remember what they truly value and appreciate”.

Before I reveal the question, the article backs up how important the language we use is, in regard to how we think.

If we use the correct language it can motivate and inspire.


The question in the article, which promises to make people feel happier at work is:

Just out of curiosity, what do you like best about your job?

This is clever is because it doesn’t give the respondent the opportunity to search for any negatives. It only allows them to come up with the positives.

Ok they can reply with, “Nothing” but by this admission they’ll soon discover they’re in the wrong job.

Language is so influential in the way we think. Most words can be classified into positive or negative.

For a list of positive words click HERE

One word that helps me think more positively is: challenge.

Wherever possible I try to substitute the word “challenge” in place of the word “problem” and it works.


A problem has a negative connotation that suggests there’s nothing to be gained by encountering one, which is always untrue.

If you have a goal in mind and you encounter, what is in your head, a problem, it can cause you to stumble even stop in your progression.

It can be regarded as dead end, which possesses no benefit.

If I regard any unexpected bump in the road as a challenge, then I’ll tend to attack it with enthusiasm in order to find a solution. This is because I know that finding this solution will make me more likely to achieve my goal.

Every problem you have generates stress, whilst every challenge is a chance to learn and find a solution – (click to tweet)

What would you prefer a problem or a challenge?

It’s up to you.



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