Proof that Karma exists

Proof that Karma exists


Proof that Karma exists


All week on the radio show we’ve been giving away tickets to Disney’s new film, Planes.

We’d play a well known film clip, which happens to feature a plane and listeners text in with the name of the film.

We’d then randomly select a winner who would not only win 4 tickets to see, an advance screening of, the film but be put into a draw to win, a 2 day kitesurfing course.

So today, Friday, we had to select one more winner and do the draw for the overall winner of the week.


Proof that Karma exists


To get an overall winner, we wrote all the weeks winners on separate sheets of A4 paper, made them into paper air planes and the one that flew the furthest wins.

Anyway, we called the winner of the day, who correctly texted in, “Top Gun” as the answer of the film clip we played. Just as we’re about to reveal to her, on air, that she’s won 4 tickets and will also be going into the draw, her phone goes quiet.

For a good minute, we are saying, “Jane? …..hello? Are you there? Where’s she gone?”

We call her back… her phone just rings and rings.


Proof that Karma exists


So we hang up and try again but she doesn’t pick up. I spoke to her before she went to air, so I know she’d pulled her car over but it just keeps ringing.

At this point we start to worry for Jane but the show has to go on so we do the paper air plane based draw and out of five possible winners, guess who wins?

Yes Jane!

So we call her again and yet again her phone just rings and rings. In the end we have to go to the ad break.

A few minutes into the ad break, our phone goes and I recognise the number.

“Jane! What happened?”

“I’m so sorry I really am. I just saw a lady get knocked down by a car so being a first aider and first on the scene and had to help her, really sorry”

“Hey don’t be sorry, you did the right thing, that’s completely the right priority – is the lady alright?”

“Unfortunately she’s not in a good way but the police and ambulance turned up so I’ve handed over to them”.

I say, “Do you mind coming on the air now because some people might wonder what happened to you”

“No of course not”.

So Jane who did a good turn for someone else was not only randomly selected to win the cinema tickets out of lots and lots of people but she won the overall weeks prize.

You may think this is not so odd but here’s the twist….SHE DIDN’T ENTER THEĀ COMPETITION!


Proof that Karma exists


What?! I here you say?

Just as I was about to put her to air she said, “What is this competition?”

“It’s the Disney Planes competition”

“I didn’t enter that”


“I texted in earlier for a different competition but I’d prefer this one as my son loves Disney’s Cars and would love to see Planes and I’d love to try kitesurfing!”

So against all odds, she won a competition she didn’t even enter!

One good turn deserves another.


Proof that Karma exists

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