1 way to get the things done: relabel

If the label is attractive, are you more likely to buy?

I ask this because Monty our 6 month old, is a near perfect baby. He’s so happy, every time I speak to him he beams with a big gummy adorable smile.


Notice I said, “near perfect”, this is because he doesn’t sleep!!!

He does a maximum of three hours. So to help Meagan out, who deals with Monty over night, I give him a, “dream feed”.

This involves me sneaking into his room at night, two hours after we’ve put him down and putting a full bottle of milk to his mouth. Without opening his eyes, his lips find the teat and he starts sucking.

It’s cute because he’s a baby and it’s called a, “dream feed”.

If I did the same, with one of my favourite foods, it wouldn’t be so cute.

Lemon Cheesecake

The image of someone shoving lemon cheesecake into my gob, between my grunts and snores doesn’t evoke the same, “ahhhhssss”. Plus the action would, more than likely, be entitled something like, “fatboy feed”.

Let’s be honest, all Monty is doing is filling his face whilst snoozing but the label is different and so we see it as so.

What something is called, directly affects our attitude towards it.

Apple call their new product releases, “events” and everyone, including the media reacts to them as such. If they were called, “new product releases”, they’d just be treated as an advert, which is the last thing they want.

Companies sometimes give an employee a change of title, without any pay increase, to make them feel more important and it works.

What would you prefer to be known as, “a senior domestic hygiene technician” or “a cleaner”?


Recently, a weight-loss company decided to recruit a paid couch potato to eat high fat foods, so it advertised for a “product testing associate”.

A colleague recently went for an ear test and it turns out she has an “Audio Processing Disorder”. When she asked what that meant, she gathered it was a nice way of saying that she’s a bit thick and doesn’t listen to people.

So if you have to do anything, you don’t like doing, don’t call it by the process you dislike, relabel it as the result you desire.

For example if you don’t like doing exercise but like the result it gives you, relabel it as, “slim attainment session”, “happiness investment plan” or “well being treatment therapy”.

If you don’t like cleaning but like the feeling you get when it’s done, relabel it as a, “shiny satisfaction strategy”, “hygiene enhancement goal” or “feel good activity procedure”.

Likewise, relabel things you like doing, which are bad for you, with negative labels. For example:

chocolate 002

Chocolate eating = flab boost treatment.

Spending money unnecessarily = debt development project.

Cigarette smoking = slow lung death strategy .

Henry Food

I think I might go and do a bit of dream research now.


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