As I left work yesterday, I shared the lift with a colleague, who has a great voice.

I said to them, “When are you going to send out your voice over demo?”


A few of us have been gently nagging this person because we know they want to do it and would do well but unfortunately they have a negative attitude.

Their insecurity means they’re prone to criticising others, rather than, “doing” themselves.

In fact they said to me yesterday, “A friend of mine just sent out a tweet saying, she’d just done a voice over for some company in America. The thing is she’s not good at it”.

I thought, “They’re better than you because they’re actually doing the job. Ok you may have a better voice but you’re not doing the job so you can’t be better than them”.

What I said was, “There’s two types of people in this world; there’s the people that do and the people who criticise the people that do. Which do you want to be?”

This person’s biggest obstacle to their own success is themselves.

I said to them, “Do ONE thing today, just ONE thing, that will edge you towards getting a few voice over gigs”

“Yes I might do”

“What do you mean? “Might do”? What are you waiting for? A big sign? It’s not going to happen, you’ve got to take action and make a start right now. You don’t want to look back when you’re too old and think, I wish I’d done that”

If you're waiting for a sign this is it

And fair play they said, “Ok I will do”.

“So what are you going to do?”

“I’ll listen to my voice over tape”

“Good because if you do just ONE thing everyday, by the end of the year you’ll have made amazing progress, I guarantee it”.

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I’ve just started using an app that I find excellent for scheduling daily tasks, it’s free and it’s called – it only took me around 10 minutes to figure it out and I love it! 

If you use any apps that make your life easier, or more productive, I’d love to hear from you.

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