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30th Birthday cakes for Hayley Birthday time

Just before I left the house, at 5am, this morning, I had a quick glance at Facebook on my phone.

The top post on my news feed was this:

“30 tomorrow! Holy Moly!”

It was posted by a colleague of mine, Hayley.

I’d agreed, with another colleague, to get Hayley a gift card between us.

I’d forgotten.

The nearest shop open at that time of the morning, was Asda, a two mile detour. Not too bad you may think but I was on my bike!

I did it but arrived in work at 5:56am, 4 minutes before our show goes live on air.

I normally arrive in at 5:30am, which gives me half an hour to prepare for the show.

The odd thing was, I did everything I needed to do in that 4 minutes.


Because it conforms to Parkinson’s law:

Parkinsons law about time


“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”

Most people could probably do, what they do in a 9-5 day, in 2 hours. Why don’t we?

Because we don’t have to.

Have you ever been in a situation where you REALLY needed to get something important done in a limited amount of time? Did you do it?

Of course you did, do you know why?

You had a deadline.

So if you want to get something done, give yourself a deadline BUT don’t just set this deadline in your head.

Focus on the task you need to do and set a countdown timer on your phone, with an alarm to go off when times up.

You have to start with the understanding that you cannot go over this time period. Once the time is up, that’s it!

I guarantee you’ll get it done.

That’s one minute of your time and 37.59 minutes of my time.

A goal without a dream is just a deadline time

Ps –┬áCan you spot which cake, above, isn’t a real ?

Pps – Happy Birthday Hayley


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