This is the secret to success

This is the secret to success

secret to success

If you’re anything like me at least one time in your life you’ve said to yourself, “If I win the lottery then I could stop worrying and be happy”.

Or we think we will finally be happy when we get one (or all) of the following:

A promotion at work

More money

A bigger house

More holidays

Weight loss

A meaningful relationship


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In his book, The Happiness Advantage Shawn Anchor reveals new research in psychology and neuroscience has revealed this type of thinking is not only backward but serves as a severe disadvantage to you achieving any real success.

You are much more likely to achieve success, in any area of your life, from relationships to work, if you are happy or of a positive disposition.

The PROVEN benefits of a positive outlook include:

– 3 times more creativity

– 31% higher productivity

– 23% fewer fatigue symptoms

– 37% greater sales

– 40% more likely to get a promotion

– 10 times more engaged

– A healthier longer life

It turns out our brains are not only hardwired to perform better when happy but can adapt and improve faster under positive conditions.



Have you ever wondered why companies like Google, Yahoo!, and Virgin cultivate work environments that help their employees experience positive emotions on a regular basis?

As Richard Branson said, “More than any other element, fun is the secret of Virgin’s success.”

Fun isn’t just… fun, it also leads to serious bottom-line results.

So being happy or having fun should never be postponed until after you’ve accomplished your goals it should be used as serious fuel for you to achieving these goals.

Why seriously fail when you can be a happy high achiever?

So the secret to success is happiness BUT how do you achieve happiness?

Studies have shown our baseline happiness can be adjusted. In short it’s possible to train our brain to think more positively and this is the key to become happier.

This is why I set up happymap, to consciously practice positive thought.

HappyMap encourages us to post something that made us happy everyday by answering this question:

What made you happy today?



In trying to answer this question, your brain scans your memory for the positive experiences you encountered during the day.

Does it work?

Yes, we have data and testimonials stating it’s helped people do the following:

– Think more positively

– Worry less

– Feel better about themselves


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Why not give our 21-day happiness challenge a try (by clicking here)?

Can you complete it? Yes of course you can…. think positively 🙂




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