How to win friends and influence people by doing very little…

Monty, our second son (in chronological order not favouritism I’d hastily like to point out) is a smiler.


As long as he’s awake and not tired or hungry, he’ll smile or laugh at you, no matter what you say.

He’s an absolute joy to be around.

In public, complete strangers often come up to us and say, “What a lovely baby” and it’s nothing to do with his looks, although he is a cracker (even if I do say so myself).

It’s just because he smiles at them.


All they have to do is give him a look and he shoots them a huge, genuinely happy, smile.

I look forward to coming home from work, because I know as soon as he sees me, he’s going to flash that massive gummy smile and it makes my heart melt.

Never underestimate the power of a smile, it can work miracles.

The other evening, Meagan, Fred and I were sitting around the dining table, eating our food expressionless and in silence. I looked up at Monty and as usual, when he saw me, he started smiling like he’d just learned how to do it.

I said, “Mont, we can learn a lot from you. You smile and it makes us all feel better”.

I’ve witnessed Monty win friends and influence people with his smile and he doesn’t even talk or own any teeth yet!

Go on, try a smile now – I bet you’ll feel better. If it’ll help, watch the video below and smile along with Monty.


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