You will be rich if you can do this

You will be rich if you can do this.

We went to a charity fun day today.

It was being held in one of Meagan’s friends mother’s, back garden (still with me?)

Anyway the house and garden was absolutely fabulous.

It’s the kind of garden that would take you a good couple of hours to mow, on a sit down mower. If you didn’t have one, it would be a full time job, which ironically wouldn’t pay enough money to own it. It would take even longer to mow if a very sizeable swimming pool hadn’t been installed in the grounds.


You will be rich if you can do this


(Not the actual house but similar)

As I first walked into the garden, I stopped for a second, looked around the grounds, took it all in and thought to myself, “I want to live in a house like this. This is my dream house. How could you not be happy here?”

It’s the kind of place that suggest the owners, have made it (in life that is, not in terms of construction).

A few hours later, after stuffing my face with a burger, an ice cream, the remainder of Fred’s ice cream and a cake, I got chatting to Meagan’s friend (the one whose parents own the house).

I was curious as to how her parents were able to afford such a place. So I asked, “What do your parents do Gemma?”

This is when she dropped the bombshell.


You will be rich if you can do this


“Unfortunately my father died of cancer three years ago so my mother lives her on her own”. As she said it, a sad sympathetic wince appeared on her face.

Later, at home, I said to Meagan, “As soon as I saw that house today I thought, Gemma’s parents must be very happy, they’ve got everything. Then Gemma told me about her father. I bet her mother would give up that house today, just to have him back”

“Yes and apparently it really affected her when he died”.

We assume money is the answer to everything but sometimes we’re given harsh reminders that it has very limited powers, especially where health and happiness is concerned.

A search for the true source of happiness always seems to come back to the same attitude, appreciation.

You can’t buy this.

We should always take time to appreciate what we have, if we can do that, we are all rich.


You will be rich if you can do this



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